Accepted Synysterrr's Developer Application

Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by Synysterrr, Jul 16, 2019.

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  1. » » Minecraft username »
    » Synysterrr - Thought I'll be known originally by most as Askingg

    » Your real name (You don't have to state this, but it would nice if you did) »
    » Ben

    Age (There's no requirements here, we base everything off of maturity) »
    » 16 (09/10/02)

    » Server (OP-Prison or SkyBlock) »
    » Where ever I'm needed/wanted, OP-Prison and/or SkyBlock

    » How do you plan to help the community? »
    » The first way I will benefit the community as a developer is by assisting Rex with adding more features & updates at a frequent rate. I'm willing to develop essentially anything I'm faced with - or attempt it at least, rather than instantly saying 'No I won't do that.' I may only have one year of experience in developing plugins, however in this relatively short period of time I feel like i have learned a considerable amount and have considerable capabilities.

    Secondly if need be I could look through applications and give opinions, and deny ones that are obviously too short / immature if I had the capabilities to do so. I also could take any suggestions people have in game and forward them to Rex, or post them on the forums if preferred, should the person with the suggestion be too lazy to do so their self.

    Finally I could also pursue many duties of a helper/moderator if it was needed of me and/or I had the permissions to do so: I can answer any questions that people have in the chat, unless I am tabbed into Eclipse at the time. I could help manage the chat, making sure that nobody is advertising, excessively using caps, spamming and so on... As well as ensuring that anyone breaking the rules gets their punishment.

    » How long have you played? (You can type '/pt' in game) »
    » SkyBlock » 2d 16h
    » OP-Prison » 7d 14h

    » Any previous staff experience? (We don't need your life story, short and simple) »
    » In terms of plugin development, I've developed a couple of my own servers - Which I never fully completed due to reasons that I'm not gonna bother going into. I've been developer on three other servers (Although one never gave me anything to do), months ago. However overall I have been helper/moderator/administrator on many servers in the past, this server included, I was Admin before I lost motivation for Minecraft all together and took a break from it.

    » Rank (For OP-Prison, put your Prison rank & prestige. For SkyBlock put Member or your donator rank) »
    » SkyBlock: Cosmic
    » OP-Prison: Only P1 M - I used to play prison a lot, had over 14 resets at one point

    » Donator? (Do you plan to donate/Have donated? Just be honest) »
    » Have donated over $100 US in the past, I don't particularly see myself donating in the future though, however my mind may chance on that depending what is added to the store

    Why do you want to be a Staff member on AsylumCloud? Why is it important that you are staff over others? »
    » I would like to become a developer on AsylumCloud as I feel my skills within plugin coding will speed up the development process of the server and any features added in the future, which is obviously something that the players would like to see as no new content will begin to get dull over time.

    I think I should be chosen rather than other people as I learn at a considerable rate, so if I need to learn something new to be able to complete a task I will be able to do so in a period of time that is not completely absurd. I'm also willing to at the very minimum attempt any task that is given to me, Instead of instantly just denying it.

    » If a player advertises and you're the only staff member online, what do you do? »
    » Assuming a developer deals with such a thing - Firstly clear chat then perm ban the player - or if I only have tempban permissions ban them for as long as I am able to and alert a member of staff who does have permanent ban permissions - and if they managed to send the advertisement again in the time it took to ban them I would clear the chat once morew

    » What is your Time-Zone? (EST, PST, etc.) »
    » BST/GMT - In the UK

    » How many hours per day are you able to be online? (You can estimate into weeks) »
    » Daily most likely at least 2 hours of development time

    » Do you speak any other languages than English? (If so please list them) »
    » Fluently, only English. Partly also French.
    » Do you have Discord? (If so, please list your username here) »
    » Synysterrr#2481

    » Anything else? »
    I do only have one year of experience, I haven't been doing this for the longest of time.
    » I do own my own server - which is in development - so I will obviously be dedicating some time towards that as well as my position on Asylum
    » My github:
    » If interested in seeing any of my personal use plugins I'm willing to share / demo
    » I did also apply for helper back like almost 3 weeks ago now, still haven't particularly had a conclusive response to it though

    » Thinking of what to write for this was really hard, any developer application I've done in the past was legit just some basic information like my age, and a portfolio/past experience

  2. Application Accepted.
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