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  1. » Minecraft username »
    »Katalyzed [Alt: Fatalyzed]

    » Your real name (You don't have to state this, but it would nice if you did) »

    » Age »


    » How do you plan to help the community? »
    »By helping new players to figure out what to do, which i still do even though im not staff.

    » How long have you played? (You can type /pt in game) »
    »5d17h, but ive been playing back to back like 3 weeks at a time for a couple of years. But now i feel like i wont leave for a while because im having a lot of fun :D

    » Previous staff experience (We don't need your life story, short and simple) »
    »Ive been staff on alot of servers, before i took a break at this game.

    » Rank (Prison rank, not donator rank) »

    » Donator? (Do you plan to donate? Be honest) »
    »I would donate, but i cant connect my card to paypal. And yes i have a donator rank that hunt bought for me.

    » How important is it to you to get a staff position at AsylumCloud? »

    »Kinda important, i like building stuff for Rex and Alex and i love to help people which is easier when youre staff. I also think that I could help the server out a bunch as it's slowly getting more popular and the demand of staff with rise.

    » If a player advertises and you're the only staff member online, what do you do? »
    »I would mute them for a temp time and send a picture to other staff members on the Discord for proof.

    » What is your Time-Zone? (EST, PST, etc) »

    » How many hours per day are you able to be online? »
    »Around 6, depending on what day it is and if im at my moms place or my dads place.

    » Do you speak any other languages than English? (If so please list them) »
    »I speak Swedish and English fluently, and some spanish and a little bit of russian. (the amount u learn from playing csgo 3 years)

    » Do you have Discord? (If so, please list your username here) »
    »Yes, Katalyzed#5606

    » Anything else? »
    »I thank you very much for reading my application. I hope to hear back from you soon.
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  2. Accepted.

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