Denied SouthpawCT's Prison Application

Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by SouthpawCT, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. » Minecraft username »
    » SouthpawCT

    » Your real name (You don't have to state this, but it would nice if you did) »
    » Colin

    » Age »

    » 19

    » How do you plan to help the community? »
    » I plan to be a source of knowledge for newer players, helping them adjust to the many custom features the server offers, while also being there for the more experienced players when they are having an issue with something. I would not actively seek out issuing punishments, rather taking them as they are presented.

    » How long have you played? (You can type /pt in game) »
    » As of posting, 15 hours.

    » Previous staff experience (We don't need your life story, short and simple) »
    » I have worked as a moderator and admin on several smaller servers, and had a tenure as a Mod and QA Sr.Mod on Mineplex between mid-2015 and late 2016, and again in 2017 through the summer of 2018.

    » Rank (Prison rank, not donator rank) »
    » Free (Prestige 100)

    » Donator? (Do you plan to donate? Be honest) »
    » I have donated in the past. Rekt, T3 dark PM, T3 omega PM, King Pick, etc.

    » How important is it to you to get a staff position at AsylumCloud? »

    » I see it as important to have an opportunity to pay the positive experiences I've had on this server forward to others, but only if I'm a good fit for the position.

    » If a player advertises and you're the only staff member online, what do you do? »
    » I would issue a temporary punishment to stop the advertising, then DM a higher staff member to adjust the punishment accordingly.

    » What is your Time-Zone? (EST, PST, etc) »
    » EST (New York time)

    » How many hours per day are you able to be online? (2 hours min) »
    » Based on my school and work schedule, 2-3 hours most days, usually later at night during the week.

    » Do you speak any other languages than English? (If so please list them) »
    » Unfortunately I do not.

    » Do you have Discord? (If so, please list your username here) »
    » My username is Colin the Coffee Addict#9778

    » Anything else? »
    » I do have prior experience with Quality Assurance, and would be willing to assist in testing of new features as needed.
  2. User is inactive. Application closed.
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