Denied NxDeez application.

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    » Minecraft username »
    » NxDeez

    » Your real name (You don't have to state this, but it would nice if you did) »
    » Deez enough

    Age (There's no requirements here, we base everything off of maturity) »
    » 17

    » Server (OP-Prison or SkyBlock) »
    » Skyblock

    » How do you plan to help the community? »

    » ok so , i will help to whoever needs me anything he needs me , i really like to spend me time at helping people who needs that , i can spend 10 hours per day , i have experience in the field and i think i'm more than ready to be part of the staff members.

    » How long have you played? (You can type '/pt' in game) » not much , i'm like new but i think i can help a lot <3

    » Any previous staff experience? (We don't need your life story, short and simple) »

    » yes , it's my main server , i helped there a lot.

    » Rank (For OP-Prison, put your Prison rank & prestige. For SkyBlock put Member or your donator rank) »
    » no ranks.

    » Donator? (Do you plan to donate/Have donated? Just be honest) »
    » Plan do donate eventually when i get my money straight (too many bills)

    » well i plan to donate a bit.

    » i would like to be a staff member because i have a lot of experience in the field and i really like to help to whoever needs me.

    » If a player advertises and you're the only staff member online, what do you do? »

    » first , i will warn him for , and in the secound time i will mute him so he will learn a lesson.
    » What is your Time-Zone? (EST, PST, etc.) »

    » ok i'm from israel and my time zone is GMT+2

    » How many hours per day are you able to be online? (You can estimate into weeks) »

    » 9-10 hours per day.

    Do you speak any other languages than English? (If so please list them) »

    » Hebrew , Russian , Arabic.

    Do you have Discord? (If so, please list your username here) »

    » NxDeez#1234

    » Anything else? »

    » not much.
  2. Sorry, but your application has been denied.

    • Lacks detail.
    • Oh, and most importantly, you were banned for advertising.
    • Called me a kid and a dumbass because you advertised an entire server IP in my servers chat.

    No, dumb fuck, I'm not a 'kid', I'm older than you are and clearly much smarter. Good bye :)
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