Accepted Askingg's Application

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  1. » Minecraft username »
    » Askingg

    » Your real name (You don't have to state this, but it would nice if you did) »
    » Ben

    Age (There's no requirements here, we base everything off of maturity) »
    » 17 09/10/02

    » Server (OP-Prison or SkyBlock) »
    » OP-Prison

    » How do you plan to help the community? »
    » I will help the community primarily by answering any questions that users have about the server, as I already have been doing - Many people have contacted me via discord, regarding OP-Prison, and even though I'm staff on SkyBlock o OP-Prison I'll still help them. The greater majority of my spare time is spent at my PC, there for if someone needs any support, I'll be around to help them - even if I am not online on the server, if someone contacts me via discord, I will help them via through that, and if they require me to hop onto the server I will do so. I believe that I have a rather strong understanding of the majority of the custom features of AC, as I've been around for a rather long time.

    » How long have you played? (You can type '/pt' in game) »
    » An hour, however I've been around on AC for perhaps around two years or so.

    » Any previous staff experience? (We don't need your life story, short and simple) »
    » Yes, I've owned multiple servers as well as been staff on a wide range of servers, at a variety of positions.

    » Rank (For OP-Prison, put your Prison rank & prestige. For SkyBlock put Member or your donator rank) »
    » Free (I'm not prestiging, I'm just sticking baltop #1 with 1 Quad)

    » Donator? (Do you plan to donate/Have donated? Just be honest) »
    » have donated lots in the past, although I don't see myself donating in the near future.

    Why do you want to be a Staff member on AsylumCloud? Why is it important that you are staff over others? »
    » I want to be staff on AC, as it very clearly has potential, being a highly custom server. I feel like my presence among the staff team would generally benefit the community of the server,

    » If a player advertises and you're the only staff member online, what do you do? »
    » Providing I have the permissions, clear the chat and ban that user.

    » What is your Time-Zone? (EST, PST, etc.) »
    » GMT

    » How many hours per day are you able to be online? (You can estimate into weeks) »
    » I can be on easily 3+ hours a day, however I have my own projects also, so the reality of that value is more likely to be an hour or two. However if needed it can be higher.

    » Do you speak any other languages than English? (If so please list them) »
    » No.

    » Do you have Discord? (If so, please list your username here) »
    » Askingg#2481

    » Anything else? »
    » If ya ever want help with plugins, lemme know. I could also help with building if required, I'm far from the worst builder, however I am also far from the best. Also I know, this is my shortest application yet for AC, but I still bet it's more detailed than over 95% of the other applications.

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